About Us


At Unique Energy Solutions our mission is to provide affordable renewable and green energy saving options, with a dedication to excellent customer service and employee relations. We stand behind everything we do with quality products, professional service and superior craftsmanship


Building performance specialists working to bring tomorrows hybrid and net zero home today. Not just solar panels or more improperly installed insulation or a oversize high efficiency AC with leaky ducts. We use a whole home approach using the latest energy profiling software and field diagnostic testing tools. From Blower door and Duct testing to find all the leaks in a home to infrared cameras. That way we determine the best order of operations for any given budget and order of operations for the future. We test in and test out and test between to track the building performance. We are Building Performance Instituted Analyst and Envelop Certified Professionals. We pride ourselves on indoor air quality and combustion area safety.

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